The Qur'an Memorization Planner is an undated planner, with 28 weekly sections, and 128 pages. 

Goal Oriented: 

The Qur'an memorization planner is a goal oriented planner. Containing sections for Monthly, Weekly, and Daily goals, including areas for new memorizations and for review. It allows any student, whether with a teacher or independently, to plan out memorization goals and keep track of their accomplishments. There is also enough space daily for homework and comments. 


The Qur'an memorization planner can be used for a serious student of Qur'an, planning to be a Hafdh (Hafiz), or the casual memorizer, who just wants to memorize as much as they can and keep track of it. The planner has enough space to write words to remember, or lessons that you want to remember. The planner is undated, allowing the student to customize it to their own needs and frequency of memorization. It works as a part-time planner and a full-time planner.

For the Student & Teacher:

In a madrassa type situation, the teacher is able to easily share the progress of the student with their parent or guardian. The parent would clearly see the goals of the student, as well as their accomplishments, making it extremely easy to track progress. The teacher and parent can then have more of a collaborative approach to helping the student overcome any obstacles. 

For the Individual:

The more mature student, who is perhaps memorizing on his or her own, can also benefit tremendously from the Qur'an memorization planner. Using any extra sections for notes, or tajweed reminders, or virtually anything to make memorization easier.